Model: MM#2397589 Photographer: MM#2348205
This photo was taken by Clinton Blackburn somewhere around 2011/2012.

Hello. I’m sarah HANNAH gómez.

I like reading books, writing stuff, learning new things, watching television, styling cute outfits, singing, traveling, speaking other languages, pointing out your bad grammar, being vain when it comes to my skin, evangelizing about correct bra sizing, trying new fitness formats, eating food (as long as it’s gluten-free), giant trampolines, prosecco with a dash of st. germain, white pants, social justice, intersectional feminism, multicultural curricula in schools, academic research, and teaching or consulting with people on any of those things.

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All opinions and thoughts expressed on this and all other websites bearing my name and screen name are my own and do not belong to any organizations for which I work or volunteer.
WTF is with that name? It’s a bar joke from when “Grey’s Anatomy” was still a newish show and we were talking about naming people McDreamy, McSteamy, Mc[insert part of a word here]. I said that was kind of mean, and the bartender said, “I bet you’d like it if someone called you McLicious,” and I guess I did, because then I made it my screen name. But it’s taken a lot by DJs who want to be MC Licious, so I added my initials to it.