Currently I am pushing to finish an almost-done novel and then finish some less done ones, both YA and adult. The YAs are all realistic fiction revolving around high schoolers, private school politics, socioeconomics, toxic masculinity, and race. The adult is a spec fic about music and ghosts and how gifted children grow up to be adult underachievers, which is totally not autobiographical at all. I’m also trying to work on two screenplays, one of which is based on an opera. For fun, I like to write treatments for books I want to turn into TV miniseries.

I’m doing freelance editorial work, from audiobook quality control to sensitivity reads to general manuscript reader reports. I also do wholesale wine sales, so if you own a bar/restaurant/store and want to sell some regional southeast Arizona wine, that is truly a thing I do, even though it seems completely out of place if you’re reading the rest of my website.

And I’m enrolled in the Language, Reading and Culture PhD at the University of Arizona. My focus is in middle grade and young adult fiction. I work mainly with critical race theory and ethnic studies, with a dash of semi-radical Marxism and intersectional feminism. I intend to focus my minor on globalization and Latin American MG/YA, which means I’m currently re-learning Portuguese and re-upping my Spanish so that it’s competent and academic again.

What I wish I were doing as well? Lots of things, including studying for Pilates certification, singing more, acting, and traveling. Frankly, I distrust people with a single passion. I like having backups, I like being busy, and I’m never doing quite all the things I want to.